An unruly reader has an open mind. They don’t judge books by genre, author or age. They might finish a nonfiction book about WWI before picking up a YA fantasy or children picture book to balance it out. They read whatever they can get their hands on because reading is what helps us make sense of the world. It brings light to our lives when we are down, is where we find comfort when we are sad or escapism when we are stressed. Reading can be a place where we learn new things about ourselves and the world around us. It can make us laugh, cry or strike a chord within so deeply that we have to look up from the book and pause for a moment. As Matilda (original unruly reader) found, you read and find that you are not alone.

This blog is full of book reviews of all kinds. Because throughout my life I have always turned to reading and couldn’t imagine a life without it.  But like many I have been a little judgemental about books in the past and inwardly smirked at the idea of reading anything with a ‘chick-lit’ label. I realise now that if you love reading you can’t be judgemental. Every book is enjoyed by someone, so I am trying to give them a chance. In this blog I seek to read any kind of book and give it my honest review. I am an unruly reader and I urge you to join me.


A bit about me…


I am a Community Librarian in Nelson, NZ. I love my job as it involve talking to different people and groups living in the city and developed programmes or services at the library around their needs. It also means I don’t get late fees on books which is the ultimate perk. I have recently finished my Masters in Information Studies (yes you can do a Masters to be a librarian!) and without the study I am now able to read all the books for the first time in three years.

Before that I spend four years living in South Korea teaching English which was one of the best times of my life. I love all things Korea so if you have any questions about teaching English overseas do ask as I think it is one of the best experiences you can have.


Aside from reading I love yoga, baking the best banana bread, exploring Nelson through walks, kayaking and beer, binge-watching Parks and Recreations (best TV show ever), attempting to learn Spanish and all things 90s. Leave me a comment if you have a question, thanks for reading!